Monday, November 15, 2010

Mediatrix Masava, Kenya (Photo: Killy Sanchez)Today, inspired by the practice of Mahatma Gandhi, we took a day in silence and also a gentle fasting (only having fruit for lunch). A time to reflect, to go deeper into ourselves and discover what is there. Here were some of our experiences:

Dana, Romania:
How can I live one day without saying a word? Quiet Day, the first in AfL5 program, made me wonder how long, how boring, and what do I need to do? I started to process my good and bad memories. It's amazing to see how many things I didn't know about myself and how much I learnt in one single day. No words, only thoughts.

Eunbi, Korea:
With this day, I was thinking how can I contribute to the people I will meet on fieldwork? I have to remove my fear of sharing, to build up my energy to care for others and most of all to share my personal experience.

Ming Ling, China:
When I do the Quiet Day consciously, I really got the strength and guidance from the silence. For me, the Quiet Day is a highly productive day. I want to introduce Quiet Day to China.

Khue, Vietnam:
This has been the 3rd time I have experienced Quiet Day. Time in silence allows my life to become more beautiful and precious as negative feelings and emotions are replaced by my true inner positive feelings and thoughts.

Ajay, India:
This was the first time in my life that I am having Quiet Day (quiet for about six and a half hours). Only you talking to yourself. That was very unusual for me. First I am searching for other team mates, and I found everyone sitting aloof and everyone was ignoring me. And I found that I got lots of energy when I don’t talk. So next time I will use this energy for getting answers which I want in my life.