Coordinating Team

Alexander Birnberg
Alexander Birnberg Country: Australia/Belgium
Education/Profession: BA Arts/ IofC Full Time Volunteer

I believe that the Action for Life program is one of the few opportunities we have to really discover ourselves, find new meaning and see our life in the context of world issues. For this reason I am passionately committed to making this opportunity available to another generation of young people eager to see their role for a better world.

Anna Pozogina
Anna PozoginaCountry: Latvia
Education/ Profession: BA in Public Administration and Policy Analysis/ Foundations for Freedom volunteer

Through participation in Action for Life 3, I have come to face some major issues in my life, like roots of my addictions and patterns of relating to people. More than that, I have been inspired by the journey of discovery that each of us can undertake and multiple directions where this discovery can take us. The path of discovery is not always easy and often requires lots of effort. Yet seeing people rediscovering their values, dreams and aspirations brings a lot of joy. I want to support participants on their journeys and also learn how can these discoveries be sustained and what each one of us, being unique, needs to continue the journey once started.

Jean and Mike Brown
Jean BrownCountry: Australia
Profession: IofC Full Time Volunteers

We have been with MRA-IofC since setting out in our student days in the Sixties with idealism and passion to 'change the world'. And, along with many failures and times of sheer inspiration, we are still at it! Having been involved in many programmes and challenges around the world for over four decades, we happily plunge into this our fifth AfL programme because we Mike Brownvalue the energy, faith and vision it brings not only to each of us who take part (participants and support team), but into the whole network of IofC around the world. Each of us brings other parts of our lives to AfL as well. Jean is an international coordinator of Creators of Peace, an IofC women's initiative active in over 30 countries; and Mike is part of the team running IofC's global communications. Both have been involved in reconciliation work in Australia for several decades.

Killy Sanchez
Killy SanchezCountry : Guatemala
Profession: Nursery school teacher, family counsellor and therapist

I was Coordinator of the Latin American leadership development programme, Gente que Avanza, from 1996 to 1999, working in several countries of Latin America. I have been involved with IofC since 2004 as a member of the IofC Global Website team based in the UK. In 2006 I returned to Guatemala and worked as IofC Communications Officer for Latin America. I managed the Spanish IofC Website, and translated and distributed news and official information to Spanish speakers of the IofC network. I feel a special calling to work with IofC teams in Latin America not only through communication liaison but also in the area of training. My greatest desire is that the spirit of IofC should continue to grow in my part of the world, and I want to be part of it.

Leena and Suresh Khatri
Country: Fiji/India
Profession: IofC Full time volunteers

Leena KhatriLeena I have been part of the coordinating team of Action for Life since the first one in 2001. Seeing the majority of its 90 or so alumni find a conscience-driven way of life, geared to a larger purpose, I want to fully support this next venture. AfL 5 hopes to take its alumni and participants a step further - equip and empower them and us to give focused leadership for change in particular areas and issues. Another energising adventure begins!

Suresh KhatriSuresh My interest is to work especially with people of the generation after us, to see if alternative and sustainable ways of living can be forged in the world. AfL has helped some of its participants be ready to serve the Universe, fully trusting - and then experiencing it too - that the Universe looks after you! Therein lies an absolutely relevant message for today of freedom from the drives of this age - materialism, money and one that takes people from the 'me-world to the we-world'.

Min-hui Na
Min-hui NaCountry : South Korea
Education: Library Science/ NGO Studies

In 2003, after finishing AFL2, I started to think about the meaning of life.  I am now on AFL5, taking this journey with my husband, Young-tae, and I hope I will have a chance to continue the search for purpose in my life.  I hope it will give me an opportunity to draw a clearer picture of the next steps I should take.  There are many social issues in Korea and I want to ponder over them during this journey, and how I can respond to them. 

Nigel Heywood
Nigel HeywoodCountry: Australia
Education/Profession: BA in Fine Arts/ IofC Full Time Volunteer

I have been involved with four previous Action for Life programs. On the first AfL I had my world flipped upside down and was faced with my jealousy, fears and insecurity; I quit drinking and returned money for things I had stolen. Since then I have wanted to continue being in a community where people start change with themselves by dealing with the root issues. With the 5th AfL taking place there will be around 100 graduates. Our challenge now is to join others in taking on bigger issues, searching together how our lives can be used in faith to meet the needs around us.

Peter Heyes
Peter HeyesCountry : Canada/UK
Profession: Teacher

I was born before the Second World War so in my lifetime I have lived in a world full of conflict. I hope that the younger generation will learn from mistakes my generation made, to make the world a safer and happier place. In IofC we have tools to help people make a difference in their lives and in the lives of people they meet. I appreciate being with AFL because it's where people from all faiths, countries and age groups come together to learn from each other, about themselves, and how to spread the message wherever they go.

Rob Lancaster
AfL4 support team member Rob LancasterCountry: Australia
Education: BA (International Relations/French) (Hons) and a LLB (Hons)

From November 2007, I spent two and a half months volunteering with IofC in India, and the challenges and encounters of that time encouraged me to be available after university to continue with IofC for a period. That period seems to have become somewhat self-renewing, a bit like my skype credit, and I’m still here, currently working as Coordinator of the Caux Interns Programme and Project Manager for the Caux Forum for Human Security. My main academic interest is in cosmopolitan theory, and I have a sporting passion for cricket and Australian rules football. Spare time consists largely of drinking coffee with friends, playing the piano and ruminating.

Yeonyuk Jeong
Yeonyuk JeongCountry: South Korea
Profession: IofC Full Time Volunteer

I have been involved with AfL since its beginning. I believe that the inter-generational teamwork is necessary and essential, and I have experienced this in the core/ support team. AfL gives an unforgettable life long experience and friendship on the road, which helps build onto a network of change makers. The AfLer finds a calling in life through a journey within and changing oneself.