Programme Outline

Asia Plateau, Valley View

INDIA: 1st Nov 2010 to 31st Dec 2010

Training in Workshops' Delivery and Field Work

Action for Life commences on 1 November 2010 at Asia Plateau, the Initiatives of Change conference and training centre located at Panchgani, 284km from Mumbai in the Western Ghats of India.

Initial training : 3 weeks, 1st - 21st Nov 2010

Big group session of AfL3 at Asia Plateau

With around 40 people taking part, this first phase will focuse on training in delivering two IofC workshops: community building, story sharing; personal development; team building; group facilitation,  communication and presentation skills.

Further sessions explore the core principles of IofC, family history, relationships as well as current political and social issues.

Fieldwork One : 3 weeks, 22nd Nov - 12th  Dec 2010

Meeting in Varanasi with AfL3

Divided into several teams during this fieldwork, participants will go to one place in India firstly to understand day to day life and also to begin to learn about and even engage in some issue there and test their training.

Groups will visit villages, schools and historical sites and have the chance to stay with local families.

Second Training : 3 weeks, 13th Dec - 31st Dec 2010 

At Asia Plateau, Panchgani for debriefing and continuing to develop the ability to deliver more IofC workshops. Experience will also be developed through helping to organise these workshops in the ongoing programmes at Asia Plateau.

Certificates will be presented at the end of the India time.


The Action Phase:

In Different Parts of the world: 1st Jan - 3rd April 2011

Teams of 6 or so will go on invitation to one country or region for three months to concentrate and apply the training received, especially in delivering IofC workshops, to help in the local teams effort’s to make a difference in some issue in their society  as well as strengthening the team there.

After the three months Action for Life 5 will end and participants are expected to return to their own countries from there.

After AfL

After AfL5, there may still be opportunities for participants to further hone their skills and experiences  if they wish to work further with the global network of Initiatives of Change. AfL graduates could take part in events such as; the Caux summer series of conferences in Switzerland, the Asia Pacific Youth Conferences, help with programmes at the Asia Plateau centre in India, or assist in project work with IofC teams around the world.