Action for Life is co-ordinated and staffed entirely on a voluntary basis.

The Action for Life 5 budget comes to approximately US$200,000 for five months (a per person cost of US$5,000). This covers food, travel, accommodation and other program expenses for the 5 months.

Participants are required to raise US$2,500 towards these costs as well as the costs of a return ticket, vaccinations, travel/health insurance and a six month visa to India and one other country.

AfL undertakes to subsidise the remainder of each participant's expenses. Emphasis is placed on selecting a range of participants from diverse racial and economic backgrounds. Many of them require financial support. Some coming from countries with weaker currencies require additional support and scholarships are available for these participants.

Costs are kept to a minimum through the generosity of local hosts and through travelling and living as simply as possible. AfL also gratefully acknowledges that it could not happen without the generous support of individual giving, grant funds, gifts in kind and IofC teams.


Budget for India 37,668.80
Budget for Action Phase 122,909,00
General Items Budget   
Report Printing  3,000.00
Contingency fund  10,000.00
Travel insurance subsidy  3,000.00
Core Team Follow Up  10,000.00
Follow Up Activities (including Caux & APYC)               20,000.00
TOTAL  $206,557.80


20 Participants' fees x $2500 50,000
10 Support Team; average &1500 contribution 15,000
20 AfL Generation (part-time) average contribution$250  5,000
Gifts in Kind (from past experience, expected)  25,000
Funds in hand from AfL4, including Contingency  35,000
Minimum amount still be raised  76,577
TOTAL  $206,577.00 
Reference: Alison Hayes-Amar:
Mike Brown:
As of 1 April 2010
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