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What is Action for Life?
What AfL Gives Participants
What AfL Gives the World

What is Action for Life?

Action for Life (AfL) aims to develop a new generation of change-makers, equipped with integrity and faith who are committed to bringing transformation in the world, starting with themselves.

Its action-based training programmes have run periodically over the past 10 years in India, spreading out to develop and support young change-makers and their initiatives in many countries of Asia and the Pacific, in Africa, Europe and the Americas.

AfL centres on releasing locked potential through inner change and inspiration. It uses a combination of interactive training and fieldwork to expand the capacity of each participant. Distinctively, participants and staff come from different generations, nations, and faiths to form a diverse learning and working community that represents an increasingly globalised world.

What AfL Gives Participants:

Based on a philosophy of service and integrity Action for Life gives participants:

Looking Out from the Plateau

Personal development

  • space for reflection in the daily practice of quiet contemplation
  • training and practice in methods for discerning moral clarity and taking action
  • team-building and management in diverse and challenging environments
  • well-developed frameworks for operating between cultures, religions and generations
  • study of conflict resolution and prevention; examination of personal, corporate and regional conflict and the transformation that comes through the dynamic of individual and collective healing
  • training and hands-on experience in creating and presenting workshops, conferences, camps and cultural events
  • connect with and support bridge builders and social leaders working in various fields; business, government and charity
  • experience in the development and maintenance of a diverse community
  • education on the key issues impacting Asia through lectures, personal encounters and travel

What AfL Gives the World:

  • A living example of global community that supports and inspires others to bring positive change
  • A platform for young people to bring their vision for their communities and nations into reality
  • A new generation of leaders equipped with integrity and inner strength ready to serve without seeking personal gain